Lunch Menus

ATLP Catering Mission Statement

‘Our One Trust catering service provides children with nutritious and tasty food which supports their health and wellbeing. Using the best and freshest ingredients, our superb service team have children at the heart of everything we do’

The Government’s Universal Free School Meals Scheme entitles all children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 to have a free hot, nutritious meal at lunch time. The government’s aim is to improve children’s academic attainment and to save families money – over the course of a year the average family spends more than £437 on school lunches per child. Taking part in the Universal Free School Meals scheme also helps children to broaden their food choices. 

Each day your child can choose to have a hot meal, vegetarian hot meal, sandwich or baked potato (with various fillings) and a dessert. Our kitchen also caters for a range of dietary requirements/food intolerances – please ensure that your child’s details are accurate when you order food via the Relish portal.

School meals for KS2 children cost £2.30. There is a choice of food available each day ranging from hot meals, baked potatoes with various fillings, sandwiches and a choice of desserts. All meals are freshly prepared on the premises each day by our in-house catering team.

If you wish to book a school meal for your child, you should order your child’s meal through the Relish portal. School meal funds should be topped up in your My Child at School app (MCAS). It is expected that sufficient funds will be in the school dinner money account before the meal is ordered or taken.

You must select your child’s lunch in advance, which you can do up to a term in advance with Relish. We encourage you to do this with your child, so they know the kinds of meals they will be eating and they can have a voice when choosing and trying new foods.

Relish login link:

Please contact the school office for a copy of the current menu available – which runs on a 3 week rolling program.