Mission Statement

Caring. Believing. Achieving.

To inspire pupils to develop enquiring, critical and imaginative minds, stimulate the desire to learn, and to increase their aspirations of what they may achieve.
To provide an education suited to the needs of all the pupils within a happy and purposeful learning environment, encouraging individual achievement to the highest level.
To help pupils to understand the world in which we live from all perspectives, national, international and within their own community. To encourage by example, good relationships, respect and understanding for others.



For each child to become a confident participant in society:

  •  to treat each other the way they would like to be treated;
  •  to have self-respect, self-esteem and a pride in their personal appearance;
  •  to be able to communicate co-operatively and effectively with each other – child to child, child to adult;
  • to develop the skill of self discipline;
  • to feel happy and secure in the school environment;
  • to appreciate their local environment;
  • to be courteous to each other.

For each child to fulfil their potential by:

  • developing alert and agile minds, a sense of curiosity and an enjoyment of learning;
  • aiming for and recognising high personal achievement;
  • cultivating qualities of creativity, sensitivity and imagination;
  • realising that learning can be fun.


The school is proud to have gained the following awards: Dyslexia Friendly Level 1, Active Mark for Sport, E.A.L. Friendly and Healthy Schools for promoting Healthy Eating and Lifestyle.

Development plans for 2014/2015

Securing improvement through:

  • Achievement in Y6 – Maths
  • Assessment without levels for the Foundation subjects
  • Implementation of New National Curriculum
  • Extending the role of the Trust in school improvement
  • Extending school’s involvement in the Community


Our school follows the National Curriculum as set out by the Government. Please see our Curriculum tab for more information.

Read, Write, Inc in KS1 and Reception

Read, Write Inc is a Literacy scheme delivered in Reception and KS1. This helps to develop children’s phonic, reading and writing skills.

School Council

At Scotch Orchard, we fully recognise the importance of ?pupil voice? and involving the ?people who really count? in the development of the school. Each member of the school council is elected democratically, and is committed to doing their job well.
The School Council helps in organising fundraising days in aid of Red Nose Day and Children In Need.

KS2 SAT’s Results and Performance Tables

School Admissions