Admission to Reception

Children are admitted to our Reception class (Foundation 2) in the September after their fourth birthday. This is for full time sessions. Our current published admission number for Reception is 30, so we have 30 places available.

Places are allocated by the Pupil Support Services of the Local Authority.

To apply for a place at our school please complete the appropriate online application at this website address:

This also includes applications to secondary school.

Please click the appropriate PDF link below to view our current Admission Policy

Admission to Nursery

Children may be admitted to our Nursery (Foundation 1) at the start of the term after their third birthday. This is for part time (8.45 am to 11.45 noon or 12:15 to 3:15pm) or full time (08:45am to 3:15pm) sessions.

We have 26 half day sessions (13 mornings and 13 afternoons) at our Nursery available for booking. All children are entitled to 15-hours funding from the government from the term after they turn 3 (part-time provision – which can be 5 mornings, 5 afternoons and sometimes a combination of these. Some children are entitled to a 30-hour code based on government eligibility criteria. Parents can choose to pay for additional sessions above the 15 hour entitlement if they wish, as long as we have space.

Scotch Orchard’s Nursery provision is run by Miss S Egan – who is a highly experienced Early Years Practitioner and a qualified teacher. We operate tours of the Nursery throughout the year and when we have spaces, are happy to accept children at times other than the first day of a new academic term. It is possible to obtain a place at our Nursery as soon as your child turns 3, but you will have to pay for this provision until Government funding becomes available, which will be at the start of the school term after your child’s 3rd birthday.

Before School Provision for Nursery aged children

We are delighted that from September 2023, we are now able to accommodate Nursery aged children in our Scotch Orchard Breakfast Club, which runs from 7:30am until 8:45am. Spaces for this provision are limited due to staffing ratios and availability is very competitive. Places must be booked in advance via our Breakfast Club Booking system. Please contact the school office for further information and assistance (

*Coming September 2024* – After School Provision for Nursery aged children

We are excited to announce that from September 2024, after-school care, which is provided by an external provider, will be available for our Nursery aged children on our school site, from the end of school at 3:15pm until 6pm. More information will follow as we get closer to the start of the next academic year.