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@Scotch_Orchard 05/09/2022

Excited to be joining our @the_atlp colleagues for the conference day. #togetherwearestronger #onetrust https://t.co/sQABTMN3Jd

@Scotch_Orchard 01/07/2022

RT @LettersSounds: It's our 1st Birthday! We're celebrating with a special prize draw (open to members + non-members). 😍Like, follow and R…

@Scotch_Orchard 16/06/2022

Disneyland, a Stade de France tour & sightseeing around Paris – Year 6 have thoroughly enjoyed their jam-packed week in France! https://t.co/exSOM0LTZ1

@Scotch_Orchard 14/06/2022

Year 6 have had a fantastic first full day on their France trip visiting the Palace of Fontainebleau, climbing the Eiffel Tower and going on a scenic cruise down the River Seine. https://t.co/kFCx5h4aSQ

@Scotch_Orchard 25/04/2022

A great opportunity to meet others in our wonderful Nursery. We look forward to welcoming you! Please book here https://t.co/VsgDroWQtd https://t.co/xfVTuyboAE

@Scotch_Orchard 16/03/2022

A huge thank you to all who have kindly donated to our Ukraine appeal. Your response has been amazing! https://t.co/J5Aczyzww1

@Scotch_Orchard 16/02/2022

Year 5 & 6 had a fantastic morning taking part in our @TTRockStars 'Rock Wrangle'. It was brilliant to see you all in your rockstar outfits too! https://t.co/V7SGoz4Biu

@Scotch_Orchard 09/02/2022

Year 5 are currently in the lead in our 'read the height of your teacher' competition, with Year 3 following close behind. Who will succeed? #achieving https://t.co/Ph0BraSe3M

@Scotch_Orchard 25/01/2022

We are enjoying the live-streamed performance of The Red Tree by @redearththeatre this afternoon. @the_atlp https://t.co/1xhwQBeDH7

@Scotch_Orchard 15/12/2021

We are feeling very festive at Scotch Orchard! Each child has designed their own decoration for our tree in the entrance way. https://t.co/JWPMCs7GQx

@Scotch_Orchard 29/11/2021

Year 4 have been immersed in the culture and flavours of Italy this half term. They've designed and made delicious Italian-inspired focaccia rolls and investigated the features of Italian architecture. 🇮🇹 https://t.co/dOwcN1XHfS