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@Scotch_Orchard 25/04/2022

A great opportunity to meet others in our wonderful Nursery. We look forward to welcoming you! Please book here https://t.co/VsgDroWQtd https://t.co/xfVTuyboAE

@Scotch_Orchard 16/03/2022

A huge thank you to all who have kindly donated to our Ukraine appeal. Your response has been amazing! https://t.co/J5Aczyzww1

@Scotch_Orchard 16/02/2022

Year 5 & 6 had a fantastic morning taking part in our @TTRockStars ‘Rock Wrangle’. It was brilliant to see you all in your rockstar outfits too! https://t.co/V7SGoz4Biu

@Scotch_Orchard 09/02/2022

Year 5 are currently in the lead in our ‘read the height of your teacher’ competition, with Year 3 following close behind. Who will succeed? #achieving https://t.co/Ph0BraSe3M

@Scotch_Orchard 25/01/2022

We are enjoying the live-streamed performance of The Red Tree by @redearththeatre this afternoon. @the_atlp https://t.co/1xhwQBeDH7

@Scotch_Orchard 15/12/2021

We are feeling very festive at Scotch Orchard! Each child has designed their own decoration for our tree in the entrance way. https://t.co/JWPMCs7GQx

@Scotch_Orchard 29/11/2021

Year 4 have been immersed in the culture and flavours of Italy this half term. They’ve designed and made delicious Italian-inspired focaccia rolls and investigated the features of Italian architecture. 🇮🇹 https://t.co/dOwcN1XHfS

@Scotch_Orchard 12/11/2021

Year 3 have been using their history skills and investigating what life was like in Skara Brae during the Stone Age. #achieving https://t.co/L0hedlpaMr

@Scotch_Orchard 10/11/2021

Year 6 had a brilliant D&T day yesterday designing, making and evaluating their poppies in preparation for Remembrance Day. The children also wrote all about the history of the poppy and why we wear one. https://t.co/7UsEriMUkf

@Scotch_Orchard 20/10/2021

Year 2 were visited by a special guest this week. The children wrote a letter from Dave to Afiya the Tooth Fairy and left it on the wall for her to see. They entered the classroom to see tiny footprints, fairy dust and a letter. Magical work, Year 2! https://t.co/aRC6TUi15U

@Scotch_Orchard 05/10/2021

We are collecting Morrisons Grow Tokens to get free gardening equipment for our school! We’ve collected 86 Grow Tokens so far. Please help us reach our target of 2500 when you next go shopping! https://t.co/mc4q4jOvn5