Transition 2021: Come and take a tour of our Early Years Unit!

Nursery: Miss Badger


Weekly Routine (These will start gradually over the first half term)

Regular Routines (Subject to occasional change)

Monday: Welly walk, Sharing our Weekend books.

Tuesday: Sound of the week. Singing.  

Wednesday: P.E., Bikes and scooters, Library.

Thursday: Circle time with Lola the listening leopard.

Friday: Bikes and scooters, Music rythmn and rhyme, Weekend books given out.

We will have milk/ water and a snack each day and finish each session with songs and a story.

Home-school activities: Children will bring home a ‘Weekend book’ on a Friday. We would love to hear a sentence and/or see a picture/photo about what you have been doing over the weekend. We will share these on a Monday at the end of the morning.

I would also love to see achievements from home shared on Tapestry, our online learning journal. We can celebrate these together.

Reading books: Children will not bring home a reading book. However you are invited into Nursery on a Wednesday at 11.45 to choose a library book with your child. This can be taken home and returned the following Wednesday. Another session will be arranged for children who also attend in the afternoons. 

Communication: Our library session will also be a time to admire the work children have been doing in class, ask questions or chat to staff about any concerns you may have. Another time will be made available to those parents/ carers who do not collect thier child at this time.

Children will be given a home-link book as another method of communication. If anything is written in these books, or you have any reply slips, letters or invites to hand in, they must be handed to us on the door in the morning. We do not check book bags every day.  

Equipment: On a daily basis children will need a named book bag and a named water bottle (NO juice or flavoured water.)

Children will regularly bring information letters home in their book bags. Please check bags at the end of the each day.

Children will need a pair of named, black pumps in a suitable, named bag and a pair of named wellington boots in a suitable, named bag.

Both P.E. kits and wellies will be sent home at the end of each term for you to wash, if necessary, and check the sizes.

If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact us in person, via the school office phone number or school office e-mail address. We are here to help.

Thank you for your support.


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